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AI Affiliates

Entrepreneurship is a passion for our Broker, AMALIE. She promised that if she ever had a platform, she would share and support her friends, family and any small businesses.

We proudly present some of our AI Affiliates:


DFCOACHME personal coaching and executive solutions teams up with Amalie Industries for our “Personal Power package”! This habit changing,11 session package is changing men & women lives daily. Get ready with Coach D! Her power source system will have you starting that new business, ending those toxic relationships, and qualifying your time to be more productive to enjoy your life and loved ones.

Discount code: “AIPowersource” for a 20% off


Myet Protection is a small business that offers protection and self-defense tools. Our mission is to help people live their lives feeling more confident & safer with tools you can carry to defend yourself if a situation were to arise. Myet Protection offers items such as disguised knives, pepper sprays, stylish safety keychains and much more!


Discount code: “Agent15” for 15% off

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